Service in Action

By Jesse Allerton, Supervisor, Rotary Service Connections

Jesse Being greeted by the RCC Amparo group. Thanks for the warm welcome!

One of the best aspects of my job is supporting and promoting Rotary Community Corps (RCCs). These are teams of men and women organized with the help of a sponsoring Rotary club to take action and improve their communities. RCCs empower their members to play an active and ongoing role in identifying and addressing their community’s needs. And they provide local leadership and sustainability to ensure that projects succeed.

On 22 August, I had the opportunity to attend a national Rotary Day in Manila celebrating the accomplishments of RCCs and other community service partners. The event was held at the Tuloy Foundation’s Don Bosco Streetchildren Village, an amazing nonprofit institution that has provided residential care and vocational training to more than 17,000 disadvantaged youth over the past 20 years. More than…

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