With the aim of contributing to social and cultural development of the Visually Disabled, the first Cookbook for the Visually Disabled has been produced in Turkey both in Braille Printing and in audio CD format by District 2440 Rotarian Spouses and TURGOK.

Selection of 100 recipes to take place in the book based on various criteria was made by a commission comprised of Food Engineer, Dietitian, Spouses of the Rotarians, Turgok members and Visually Disabled. In this study, having tried each one of the recipes before including them in the book, the comission paid a special attention that the recipes were healthy and that they include ingredients easily available and that they can be cooked by the visually disabled without having any difficulty.


After selecting 100 recipes to take place in the book, Chef OMUR AKKOR from Bursa, first tried to cook when his eyes were closed and professionally edited each one of them and made them ready for publishing by using standard measurements and proper explanations for each recipe by its timing and scent instead of visual presentations.

100 recipes from different categories (Soups, Salads, Olive-oil Dishes, Appetizers, Red/White Meat-Fish Dishes, Rice-Pasta, Breads-Patties-Pastry, and Cakes-Cookies-Desert) were reviewed again and Braille-printed after any necessary changes were applied.

While Braille-printing of the cookbooks, Spouses of the District 2440 Rotarians voice-recorded 100 recipes, detailed food information, nutrition and practical ways of cooking in Turgok studios and contributed to the preparation of audio CD format of the book.

Within the scope of this Project; 4 different cooking courses were held in Izmir and Bursa for Visually Disabled Library Members, in order to practice the recipes which took place in the book. Also practical kitchen sets (such as vegetable and fruit peeler, egg white and yolk separator) were given as a gift to the participants of these courses in order to make their lives easier in the kitchen.

These Cookbooks were sent to the members of TURGOK free of charge, as the other services of the Library. The budget of the books were covered by the Sponsors.

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